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G8 Earthlock Blocks

Xonxa Dam G8 Blocks
G8 Blocks Motherwell Ext10
G8 Blocks at Motherwell Ext11
G8 Blocks at Eskom Mbashe9
G8 Blocks at Eskom Mbashe10
G8 Blocks at Eskom Mbashe4
G8 Blocks at Eskom Mbashe2

Suggested Application:

  • Road surfacing, parking areas and rural/temporary/emergency roads

  • Permeable paving for waterlogged or problem areas

  • Mining Sites

  • Water canal lining with soft and trapezoidal sides

  • Soil stabilising of surfaces and embankments

  • Soil erosion control

  • Drainage control of water outlets and aprons

  • Earth retaining up to angles of 45 degrees

  • Paving of steep or normal driveways

  • Erosion control of streams, riverbeds, and estuaries

  • Building slipways, causeways and for wave erosion contro

The GreenLock G8 Earthlock has been designed and engineered to provide a matrix of blocks to meet the most stringent soil, water and surface conditions.

The G8 block is the only block of its kind with all four sides positively interlocking at all times. Intimate contact between the blocks is there for maintained. The design allows for lateral flexibility between the blocks without undue loading or stress even if some settlement of the ground occurs after installation. The block is self-aligning and installation is easy and quick. In addition the G8 block can be laid for economical and for specific application purposes in three different layouts without losing its four sides interlocking quality, thus providing a durable block matrix of maximum possible strength for water flow management, soil erosion and also creating a heavy duty drivable surface area for the construction of roads and parking areas. The G8 blocks are manufactured with two lateral holes which line up accurately in all three layouts for wiring / roping and / or cabling for additional anchorage if so required. For special project application the surface area of the G8 block can be supplied with a beautiful exposed aggregate surface.

G8 Earthlock Block
G8 Earthlock Block
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