Frequently asked questions

Orders & Deliveries

When will I get my order?

We suggest a 7 - 14 workday delivery period. This is subject to several factors including manufacturing of the product, availability of vehicles as well as weather and current backlogs due to prior reasons. Updates are sent via email & Whatsapp should we have the correct contact information on record. There are a few ways you can track your order:

  1. Online by clicking this link
  2. Via Whatsapp by sending your Sales Order number to our Whatsapp number 087 135 2445 (e.g. SP12345)

Why did I not receive my full order?

Orders may consist of multiple deliveries

  1. Our brick / paving trucks usually load 24 - 28 pallets product per delivery.
  2. Our tipper trucks usually load 3m³ - 30m³ product per delivery.
On orders where multiple products have been ordered, or quantities larger than our default truck sizes, it is common to receive multiple deliveries. Each delivery will have its own Delivery Note and scheduled dates are communicated via email & Whatsapp should the relevant information be on order.

Why is my delivery taking longer than usual?

Deliveries are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Altough we try our best to get orders out as quickly as possible we do experience delays from time to time. We have listed a few factors below which may cause your delivery to take longer:

  1. Weather - rainfall does cause deliveries to be delayed due to site access to some areas as well as wet raw materials causing slower production of finished goods.
  2. Product availability - on average we manufacture around 300,000 units daily. Maintenance on our plants may cause fewer products to be manufactured, thus creating delivery delays.
  3. Vehicle availability - we do around 2000 deliveries per month (50 - 100 loads per day). Vehicle maintenance and farther projects may cause delivery delays due to vehicles not being available all the time.

Payments & Purchases

What payment options is available?

Purchases made in-store:

  1. Debit / Credit Card
  2. Cash
Purchases made outside the store:
  1. Online via Instant EFT
  2. Refular EFT (Banking details will be on quotation)

Can I open a LAY-BY?

Yes, Cemblocks offers lay-by accounts from 3 - 24 months. Pricing is subject to price increases which may be effected without prior notice.

Refuns & Exchanges

Can I have a refund?

YES If an order has not been delivered yet, we will allow for a refund (a 10% processing fee will be charged).

Can I exhange products?

YES You are allowed to exchange products as long as the order is still open and not yet delivered.

Can I return products?

NO Due to the cost & time involved in manufacturing goods we do not accept products to be returned (additional cost may apply). Should a customer have purchased too much of a product, or the wrong product, it is their responsibility to resell it to someone else at their own cost.