Cement vs Clay Bricks

We use recycled mine waste  as a main raw material in our manufacturing process.

On average we recycle more than 28,000 tons of mine waste per month into finished products (bricks and paving) making us one of the largest Recycling and Eco Friendly companies in North West.

The curing process of cement bricks use zero-electricity and is purely science based, opposed to clay products which are Vigorously Mined and require Electricity or Coal to burn in the curing process which can take several weeks!

Cement Bricks


Our Cement Products are cured in curing chambers for a mere 24 hours and uses no electricity during this process making our Carbon footprint almost non existent and our turn around time extremely fast!

Cement Brick manuacturing save electricity opposed to clay bricks using electricity leaving a bigger cabon footprint

More than 28,000 tons of waste is recycled and processed into finished products every month

Cement bricks is better than clay bricks because cement bricks are recycled

Cement bricks and paving are eco-friendly with 90% of raw material being recycled waste and no electricity is used to cure the product making our products, much cheaper than clay products!