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We use ash in our cement bricks

Cemblocks have produced bricks using ash since 1981. In the Johannesburg and surrounding areas you will find that most of the bricks is made off only ash because it is readily available.

In our mix design’s we normally use a maximum of 30 % ash in the bricks because it is available in limited quantities in and surrounding Rustenburg.

We do manufacture bricks without ash but it does have some disadvantages against a brick with ash.

The ash bricks have the following advantages above a brick made only out of aggregate material formed by the natural disintegration of rock, or produced by the mechanical crushing or milling of rock

  • It bonds better to cement which would give a better, stronger wall

  • It plasters better as it you do not get fine cracks in your plaster work

  • It isolates better than a brick that is made of crushed material because of the thermal qualities of the brick so you will heat up your house in winter easier and keep it cooler in summer

  • It also builds much quicker than other bricks as it is a more workable weight and the plastering is much easier and of better quality


We have delivered to most of the big contractor’s for the past 30 years including Big in Africa, Moses Kotane Municipality, and Rustenburg municipality all the mines around Rustenburg. This is at a rate of approximately 300 000 bricks per day and have never had any complaints with regards to ash in bricks. We have had sites where they have stopped using bricks with no ash in because of the easier work-ability of the ash bricks and the stringent quality control held by ourselves.

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